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Provincial notice dated 2 December 2022 with regards to hunting season, daily bag limits and hunting by the use of prohibited hunting methods.
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Jaco van Deventer, Cape Nature informed the PMSA Secretariat of permit requirements in the Western Cape.

Cape Nature has the DCA protocol with the PMF Western Cape in place for the management of black backed jackal, caracal and bushpigs.  The detail is spelled out in the protocol as mentioned above.  The protocol is based on the collection of data and the renewal of the permits are subject to that.  For PMF members, permits will be valid for one year in terms of the protocol. 

For non-members, permits will only be issued for “call and shoot” at night and permits will be valid for six months.  It is also based on the collection of data and the renewal of the permit will be subject to that. 

Cape Nature does not implement TOPS in the Western Cape, but they do have an Ordinary TOPS permit for the management of DCA leopards.  Only officials listed on the Ordinary Permit are allowed to manage the leopards.  No permits are issued to landowners or professional hunters, but the officials will assist the landowner should a leopard become a problem. 

Hyena populations does not seem to exist in the Western Cape, but they do get the odd brown hyena moving through.  If a situation arise where such an individual cause problems, Cape Nature will assist the landowner to solve the problem. 

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