Cage traps

Cage traps (vanghokke)

Cage traps are excellent for lynx (caracal), Cape fox and wild cats. Forget about catching black-backed jackals with cage traps because they simply won’t enter such cages.With caracal it is a great idea to hang a ball of rolled-up aluminium foil in the cage. It draws the cat’s attention and lures him into the cage. If there is a white live chicken as bait, the cat also has no chance.

To catch African wild cats and Cape fox, use the remains of lambs caught as bait. It is amazing how easily these two species are caught with cage traps. A plea from my side is that the African wild cats should not be killed, but rather kept in a pen and fed until the lambs are three weeks old. The cats can then be released because they only predate on very small lambs. The same can be done with the Cape fox.

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