1. Affiliated Members

Any organisation or association that represents the interests of a directly affected group in the livestock industries and wildlife ranching industry, accepted as a member of PMSA.  An annual fee applies to this category of membership. 

Current members: 

  • National Woolgrowers’ Association of SA (NWGA) 
  • Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO)
  • Wildlife Ranching SA (WRSA)
  • SA Mohair Growers’ Association (SAMGA)

2. Statutory Members

No annual fee relates to this category of membership.  Membership bestowed by the PMSA on:

2.1  National government, i.e. Department of Forestry, Fisheries & Environment (DFFE), Dept. Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRAD), and conservation authories reponsible for the environment 

2.2   Membership in training and development support, including (but not limited to) tertiary institutions, research institutions and training providers) 

Current members: 

  • DFFE 
  • Livestock & Welfare Coordinating Committee (LWCC) 

3. Directly Affected Members

An association or group of participants in the commercial, communal, and emergent sectors of the production, distribution and processing of red meat products, wildlife products and fibre (i.e. organised structures in agriculture, wildlife, and predation management, hunting associations, predation management experts, predation equipment specialists / manufacturers, etc.).  An annual fee applies to this category of membership.  

Current members:

  • SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association 


How to become a member?

Click here for Membership application and once completed, email it to PMSA Secretariat, attention Bonita Francis at email 

Annexure 1 – Members of PMSA
Annexure 2 – Code of Conduct PMSA members

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