Strategic plan for predation management

The executive committee of Predation Management SA (PMSA) met with experts to map out a strategy for the future.  PMSA provides a platform for liaison and coordination of activities of commodity organisations in the livestock and game-ranching sectors, aimed at reducing losses incurred as a result of predation by means of ecologically and ethically acceptable methods which protect the biodiversity of South Africa.


The vision of PMSA is to ultimately facilitate and mediate for an environment that is characterised by:

  • Sensible production-friendly legislation on predation management.
  • Livestock (meat and fibre) producers and wildlife ranchers empowered to effectively deal with predation management.
  • Role-players sharing an understanding of the predation management challenge and with an aligned approach to dealing with it.
  • Well-informed consumers with an informed opinion towards predation management.
  • Supported through a coordinated predation management support services body, partly funded by the government, that oversees the execution of strategies and sustains an institutional memory.
  • In the process protect the biodiversity of our environment.

Strategic drivers

PMSA identified four key strategic drivers that will guide the actions.  They are:

1.    Expand the scientific knowledge base on predation management and build an institutional national memory.
a.    Work closely with credible research partners to expand the knowledge base on predation management through annual research projects.

  • Work with Red Meat Research and Development South Africa (RMRD SA) to identify projects for research.
  • Coordinate and arrange to collate any existing data/information that may be relevant from time to time.

b.    Establish a partnership with a credible organisation to host and maintain the institutional memory on predation management in South Africa.

2.    Create an environment where the producer can be self-empowered to effectively and responsibly deal with predation management in support of economical livestock production.
a.    Enhance accessibility to training.
b.    Identify, evaluate and list credible predation management agents.
c.    Ensure the annual update and publication of a predation management best practice manual.
d.    Actively promote the exclusive use of internationally approved predation management  instruments in South Africa.

3.    Establish a mutually committed partnership on senior government level driving a shared strategy in support of predation management.
a.    Drive an active strategic process to obtain access and establish rapport with top-level government officials and politicians.
b.    Continue to actively influence legislation in support of sustainable economic livestock production.
c.    Promote optimal government presence at all meetings and forums of PMSA. 
d.    Capacity development of extension officers on predation management.

4.    Drive an active communication strategy in support of the mandate.
a.    Produce a DVD that tells the story of predation management in livestock farming and put this to optimal use in promoting the case for responsible predation management.
b.    Establish and maintain an active website that provides information on an array of PMSA activities, information etc.
c.    Run annual campaigns to educate the public and consumers on predation management.
d.    Promote the Code of Good Practice (CGP) in livestock production and raise producer commitment to the code.
e.    Continuously communicate with producers.

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