Professional night hunting

Professional night hunting ("Roep en skiet")

From an ecological viewpoint, shooting damage-causing predators is one of the most selective control methods. However, this is only effective if the hunter is experienced and knowledgeable. One cannot even try to imagine the damage that a “wild” client with a triple two can cause. Experienced problem animal hunters can effectively call predators and shoot only caracal and black-backed jackal. It is truly unforgivable to shoot bat-eared foxes and aardwolves, and senseless to shoot African wild cats. The effort should be directed to those predators that cause actual economic damage – the jackal and caracal.

Sometimes there is also significant damage caused by the Cape fox, but it’s not nearly on the same scale as the black-backed jackal and caracal. Use a light with a red filter and fit a silencer onto the gun so that the shot is at least slightly dampened.

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