Code of Best Practices

PMSA Rejects Inhumane Treatment of Animals

Predation Management South Africa (PMSA) supports the responsible management of damage causing animals and rejects the inhumane treatment of animals.

Best Practices for managing predators in South Africa was developed by the PMF in support of ethical and humane methods to protect livestock and game against predators.

This declaration follows incidents of alleged brutality associated with trapping methods in the Western Cape in 2017. 



Hierdie handleiding is ‘n eenstopgids om produsente te help om die roofdierprobleem op hul plase asook die beste metode om dit te bestuur, binne die raamwerk van provinsiale- en nasionale omgewing, te identifiseer. Die oplossing is om ‘n verskeidenheid metodes beskibaar te hê – ‘n gereedskapkis van bestuurstoerusting. Die gids is nou beskikbaar by lidorganisasies van Predation Management South Africa (PMSA). 


This manual is a one-stop guide to help producers identify the problem of predators on their farms, as well as the best method to manage human-wildlife conflict, within the framework of provincial and national legislation.  The solution is to have a variety of methods available – a toolbox of management tools.  The guide is now available from all the member organisations of the Predation Management South Africa (PMSA).  

Best practices for managing predation in South Africa

Livestock farmers have a constitutional right and responsibility to take care of their animals and to protect it from all potential threats such as extreme weather conditions (cold, heat, droughts, fires etc.) as well as theft and predators of course.  This framework focuses on the best ways to manage predation.  This framework focuses on the best ways to manage predation.  Livestock farmers will find this helpful in their attempt to protect their animals against predators. 

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