Boer met 'n plan (Niel Viljoen Bestuursprogram)

"As jy roofdiere suksesvol wil beheer en bestuur, moet jy hulle verstaan en hul gewoontes ken", sê Niel Viljoen, bekende roofdierkenner.  In dié artikel gee hy praktiese riglyne vir die bestuur van roofdiere.  Dit is 'n uittreksel uit 'n DVD oor sy bestuursprogram waarmee hy reeds groot sukses behaal het.  Die DVD is by die NWKV beskikbaar. 

Artikel Wolboer 2013 



July 2018

The July newsletter comprise of articles relating to the Eastern Cape PMF who are concerned with leopards and stray dogs ; presentation by Dr. Nkabeng Maruping-Mzileni of the International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation (IWFF) on a leopard project that could assist authorities in decision making and Mr. Swithan Webster who farms in Queenstown shares his success story in curbing predation with netted fences.  Read here

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Dept. Environmental Affairs - National and Provincial authorities

The Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) have compiled the following documents contain details on the regulatory framework (acts, ordinances, and regulations) regarding management of damage-causing animals for each department, along with contact details of permit offices and of officials dealing with these matters.

PMiC list of national and provincial authorities 



June 2018

June newsletter comprise articles that Scientific Assessment of predation has been completed, the fact that predation is a serious issue for woolgrowers and a request for farmers to share successful predation management practices with the Secretariat.  Read here

May 2018

May newsletter comprise of articles relating to the poor attendance of SKA public workshops in the Northern Cape ; the fact that Baboon predation of sheep is far more prevalent than anticipated ; PMF meets with municipalities over the issue of stray dogs and the Pred SA scientific assessment concludes. Read here.  

April 2018

April newsletter consist of articles relating to the approved competency qualification for predator training and a notification informing farmers that predator management manual is free of charge.  It further states that PMF will be in attendance at the SKA public workshops.  Read here.  

March 2018

The March newsletter comprise of articles relating to PMF engaging with SKA project; IEMP for the SKA project - call for public participation ; plea by dr. Gerhard Verdoorn, predation specialist not to kill the Brown Hyena and a request to contact Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) in predator control. Read here.  

February 2018

February newsletter comprise of snippet of news relating to Niel Viljoen's study tour to America and his observation that South African livestock farmers are one step ahead of America regarding predator control; March 2018 will see the start of the second year of the functioning of the Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) and progress on DCA Norms and Standards.  Read here

Januarie 2018

January newsletter comprise of a notice that the Scientific Assessment is now in its final stages, PMF to join forces with baboon damage interest group, "Roofdiere en boere, ken jy vyand", a second part of an article by Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn that highlights the importance of spoor identification by predators.  Read here.

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