April 2022 Newsletter

  • In an attempt to inform consumers that livestock producers approach predation in a responsible, scientific and sustainable manner, the April 2022 newsletter continues to address preventative control measures, focusing on sound deterrents such as the Modern Shepherd, which works on animal senses by keeping predators away from livestock through sound and smell.
  • Producers often ask why they should apply conservation farming or conservation in general to their properties, since their primary activity is agriculture or agricultural production. In this first article of three, Jaco van Deventer of Cape Nature seeks to encourage farmers to apply holistic farming management.
  • Who is PMSA and what are they busy with ? Powerpoint presentation for download.
  • Check out the website of Niel Viljoen, which gives comprehensive guidelines that help farmers to choose lambing areas, lambing times as well as management strategies for the erection of fences.
  • National Museum publication focus on predation.


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