Predation Management South Africa (PMSA), a national entity that aims to mobilize engagement and coordination of activities aimed at reducing the impact of predation through ecologically and ethically acceptable methods to protect the biodiversity of SA, invites all organisations, organized structures, specialists and manufacturers in the livestock and wildlife ranching industries that are directly impacted by predation, to apply as a member.

An annual membership fee (as determined by PMSA from time to time) for affiliated and directly affected members is payable.  Statutory members that include the national departments of agriculture and environmental affairs, as well as provincial conservation authorities and tertiary and research institutions, are not subjected to membership fees.

Refer to the PMSA Constitution and for further information on the objectives and functions of the entity and categories for membership – click here to view the Constitution, associated documentation including Annexure 1 - Members of PMSA and Annexure 2 - Code of conduct for members

Click here for Application for Membership form

Last modified onFriday, 23 April 2021 12:29