International and national reviews on PredSA


Reviewer Prof. Brian Reilly of the Tshwane University of Technology speaks positively on the PredSA publication that was released in 2018.  He regards it as a high quality narrative, but its major value lies in the comprehensive literature cited.  At the end of each chapter, knowledge gaps are identified and suggestions raised as to where optimal scientific and financial investments in the future should lie.

The book will be useful in many areas of research and could also help change attitudes to land and wildlife management, reinforcing many underlying principles, but also acting as an engine for shifting attitudes to wildlife, its management and human ethical dilemma.

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MAY 2019 

Paper published by Prof. Graham Kerley highlights how PredSA contributes to best practice in running scientific assessments, the broad messages for policy makers (and researchers) with regards to predation management in SA, and also provides some comments on synthesis centres in Africa and the potential role of assessments to fill this gap. A key point about the need to capacitate policy makers is made.

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APRIL 2019


“The Livestock Predation and its management in SA:  A Scientific Assessment” received a positive book review by Dr. Peter Fleming from Australia.  This independent international perspective is about to be published in the African Journal of Wildlife Research.

Fleming’s review is positive, critically identifies some important areas for consideration and also highlights the value of the governance process that guided PredSA.

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