April 2022 Newsletter

  • In an attempt to inform consumers that livestock producers approach predation in a responsible, scientific and sustainable manner, the April 2022 newsletter continues to address preventative control measures, focusing on sound deterrents such as the Modern Shepherd, which works on animal senses by keeping predators away from livestock through sound and smell.
  • Producers often ask why they should apply conservation farming or conservation in general to their properties, since their primary activity is agriculture or agricultural production. In this first article of three, Jaco van Deventer of Cape Nature seeks to encourage farmers to apply holistic farming management.
  • Who is PMSA and what are they busy with ? Powerpoint presentation for download.
  • Check out the website of Niel Viljoen, which gives comprehensive guidelines that help farmers to choose lambing areas, lambing times as well as management strategies for the erection of fences.
  • National Museum publication focus on predation.



March 2022 Newsletter

In an attempt to inform consumers that livestock producers approach predation in a responsible, scientific and sustainable manner, the March 2022 newsletter addresses preventative control measures of micro camp systems and kraals, under the FENCING banner.  Predation specialist, Niel Viljoen further provides practical and workable tips on the methods. 

PMSA participated in their first meeting of the Wildlife Forum, where they indicated their willingness to participate in the Global Environment Facility (GEF 7). 

The availability of leopard cage traps, sponsored by CHASA, to the East Cape Department of Conservation and permit holders in the Eastern Cape. 

The Western Cape Predation Management Forum held a meeting recently and are investigating alternative control methods for jackals. 

The National Museum in Bloemfontein published a special predation issue in their journal Indago. 


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February 2022 Newsletter

The February 2022 newsletter announces the membership of animal welfare grouping, Livestock Welfare Coordinating Committee (LWCC), to the PMSA. 

PMSA aims to inform consumers that livestock producers approach predation in a responsible, scientific and sustainable manner, therefore the following newsletters will dictate itself to a series of preventative en remedial measures.  This month addresses FENCING, relating to Jackal-proof mesh fence and electric fencing.

WRSA shares an interesting concept of a warthog "pass-through", reducing regular fence repairs drastically and if coupled with a slightly modified electrified fencing, could be very effective. 

A new procedure on data collection of large predators have been developed and is contained a recent paper written under the auspices of the African Large Predator Research Unit (ALPRU). 

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January 2022 Newsletter

The January 2022 newsletter refers back to February last year, where PMSA zoomed into proposed research on bush pigs in protected buffer zones in the Garden route, and tracks some progress in this edition.  The Predation Management Centre, based at the University of Free State, provides preventative strategies in managing predation by leopards.  PMSA is represented on the Leopard Forum, whose overall objective is to work towards ecologically sustainable conservation of the leopard across the landscape for the socio-economic environmental benefits in line with the constitution. 

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December 2021 Newsletter

The last newsletter for 2021, warns farmers of how the new breeding of the black backed jackal will reach changing stage, creating a population explosion of young jackal in January 2022  and how farmers should adjust their management practices accordingly. 

Should you want to track and follow how predation management has been conducted in SA since the 1950's, you can download document "Predation management in South Africa - historical milestones", which appears on Predation Management Centre website. 

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In hierdie Afrikaanse voorlegging, poog NWKV hoofbestuurder, mnr Leon de Beer om binne 'n paar minute, die werking van PMSA in 'n neutedop oor te bring.  Hy brei uit oor wie die PMSA is, hoe die lidmaatskapkomponent daarna uitsien, strategiese doelwitte en aktiwiteite, funksionering en suksesse van monitorplase en ander projekte.  Hierdie is 'n redelike groot lêer wat aflaai en word u versoek om die videobrokkie regs onder elke bladsy te kliek om die volledige inligting aan te hoor. 

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Accredited Professional Hunters

Province  Surname  Name  District  Contact 
Western Cape  Pienaar  Schalk  Beaufort West  076 012 8684
Eastern Cape  Jordaan  Willem-Low Hofmeyr  083 261 6462
  Mulder  Taffie  Klipplaat  082 295 3136
  Nel  Christo  Uitenhage  073 649 2360
Free State  Pienaar  Arno  Edenburg  078 197 5148
Northern Cape  Janse van Rensburg  SP  Hopetown  082 453 9045
  Badenhorst  Johann  Douglas  072 806 7249 
National  Viljoen  Niel  Loxton  082 3818 227

November 2021 Newsletter

In the November newsletter, Niel Viljoen, predation specialist is again prompted with questions by farmers, resulting from his report on Livestock and Predation Management Programme.  In this edition, he addresses the cost of control methods versus livestock losses.  A pilot programme in the communal areas is introduced where Niel Viljoen will evaluate different approaches and methods to reduce the impact of predation.  The EC hunting proclamations are revised, and the Predation Management Centre (PMC) provides information leaflets on leopards, which can be found on their website.

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October 2021 Newsletter

In the October newsletter, Niel Viljoen elaborates on the schedule of a 4-day predation training course for 12 students from Marlow Agricultural School.  We once again dig deeper into Niel Viljoen's Livestock and Predation Management Programme report where he explains extraordinary results in predation losses over a period of 13 years. We discover another tool in the predation toolbox, and the acceptance of provincial conservation authorities for the training and use of the Silent Solution (poison firing apparatus).  PMSA is now officially part of the Wildlife Forum and Predation management is now part of the modules at the University of Free State.  We also look at a recent paper presenting the outcome of a study to develop and test an electrified fence to confine leopards. 

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September 2021 Newsletter

The September newsletter addresses questions by farmers relating to Niel Viljoen's report on Livestock and Predation Management Programme (Monitor farms), which researcher hail as "the longest living data on predation research in South Africa".  The position statement by the Livestock Welfare Coordinating Committee (LWCC) regarding welfare issues was accepted by PMSA. A brief report on predation information day held in Ermelo as well as predation training for farmers and farm workers in Jansenville by accredited professional hunter, Taffie Mulder. 

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